2HSS57 Closed Loop Stepper Driver / Easy Servo Driver

Overview: 2HSS57 two-phase hybrid closed loop stepper driver integrated servo control technology into the digital step driver. It adopts typical tricyclic control method which include current loop,speed loop and position loop,it is with advantage of both step and servo system, is a highly cost-effective motion control products.
2HSS57 Closed Loop Stepper Driver / Easy Servo Driver
Product description

▶ Features:

1) External adjustable microstepping function (New)

2) CCW and CW adjustable and easy operation motor’ forward and reverse(New)  

3) Full closed loop control

4) Encoder 1000PPR

5) Nearly 100% output torque

6) Fast response, high speed

7) Input under position control mode:

A. Pulse+ direction

B. Pulse +negative direction

C. Dual pulse

D. Communication

8) Optical isolation servo reset input interface ERC

9) Optical isolation alarm output interface ALM

10) Current loop width: (-3dB) 2KHz (typical value )

11) Velocity loop width:500Hz (typical value)

12) Position loop width:200Hz (typical value)

13) Encoder input interface: differential input (26LS32)

14) Can download parameter with RS232 cable or text display.

15) Protection for over current, over voltage, under voltage, over heat, over speed, over proof.

16) Green LED means on, red LED means protection or in fault status.

SW1: Set of Detection Input edge, OFF detect Up edge , ON detect Down edge.

SW2: Switch of direction of motor, OFF- CCW , ON-CW.





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